Microsoft: New Xbox 360 technologically superior to PS3

Even though it took Microsoft nearly 5 years to incorporate wireless technology into the Xbox 360, a feature that PS3 had from day one, Microsoft now claims its console is technologically superior.

The company has made up for lost time, though, as the new version of the Xbox 360 is the only console that uses Wireless N frequency, the fastest wireless speed available.

Xbox marketing manager Ryan Moore told, “Adding Wireless N makes it easier for consumers to get that HD content from Xbox Live into their living rooms and the best way to do that is with Wireless N. That was something we had to adopt to stay ahead of the competition.”

The Xbox 360 has a history of playing technological catch-up to the PS3. The original 360 models did not have HDMI ports, hard drive capacity was very limited because it was all proprietary, and there was no built-in WiFi. All of these issues were eventually addressed by Microsoft, the latter taking them more than 4 years.

Until now, Xbox 360 owners that didn’t happen to have their setup right next to a physical modem had to buy Microsoft’s proprietary wireless attachment which launched at $100 and still retails for a ridiculous $80.