Michael Bay causes tensions on 3D Tranformers set

Let’s describe Michael Bay in three words: he hates 3D. So you can imagine when he’s working on a movie that the studio demands be in 3D, it’s not going to be all fun and games.

The new 3D hysteria has created a sort of continental divide in Hollywood, among directors who openly embrace the shift and see it as a growth opportunity for the industry…and those who think it’s a tawdry gimmick and not worthy of their time.

You can just guess which side legendarily stuck-up director Michael Bay is on. He has called 3D a useless innovation and was highly vocal about not wanting to ever incorporate 3D into one of his projects.

And then people over his head stepped in. The studio execs behind Transformers 3 insisted it be presented in 3D and so now Bay, reluctantly, has to comply.

So what’s it like on the set with a guy who’s in charge of the film and doesn’t even agree with how it’s being done?

Vince Pace, who was the director of photography for Avatar and is working with Bay on Transformers 3, said working with Bay is “a big challenge,” during a press event. “He’s not the kind of director that’s going to give you a break.”

But, believe it or not, apparently Bay it’s all doom and gloom. Even though he has a hatred for 3D, “he met it halfway and he said, look, it complements my product, and I want to incorporate this into my shooting style,” Pace added.

Transformers 3 will be available in beautiful stereoscopic 3D, whether Bay likes it or not, next year.