Meet the $76,000 Steampunk Miluira

Meet the Steampunk-themed Miluira, a retro electric vehicle that will set you back a cool $76,000.

Yes, you read that correctly: $76,000, or 6,300,000 Yen.

So, what do you get for all your hard-earned cash?

Well, this tricked-out Japanese car features a fiberglass body, welded steel frame and lead acid batteries.

So far, so good, right?


Unfortunately, the range – which clocks in at a mere 21.75 miles (35kms) – is rather limited.

Similarly, the speed, while somewhat respectable for an electric car, is a real downer at 37.28mph, or 60kph.

Now, I don’t know about you, but 76K for an electric car that only does 37mph on a good day seems a bit steep to me.

Still, I’m sure that quite a few wealthy auto collectors and bored Steampunk enthusiasts will probably whip out the requisite wads of cash for this retro beauty. 


I’ll just stand back and admire the pictures – unless I win the lottery or some Google stock options, of course.

[Via Electro Velocity]