Matrix sequels may be on the way, in 3D

A new rumor says that the Matrix movie franchise is in store for two more sequels, in which The One will be in three dimensions for the first time.

Franchise star Keanu Reeves has reportedly mentioned being tapped for two new movies to follow the ongoing adventures of the aging Neo. They would be direct sequels to the last title in the series, The Matrix 3.

Additionally, according to the website Ain’t It Cool News, people in charge of the Matrix film series have spoken to James Cameron. And what’s the only reason you would talk to James Cameron about a movie? Because you want to do it in 3D.

The high-profile movie franchise, which is well known for its stunning state-of-the-art effects, has never been filmed in 3D.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to do that cheesy thing where the third movie in the series becomes “The Matrix 3D,” but nevertheless, expect to see The Matrix 4 and The Matrix 5 available at your local 3D movie screens.