Matrix 3D rumors were a hoax

Earlier this week, 3D movie fans were all a flutter when it was reported that Keanu Reeves mentioned two new Matrix sequels were being filmed in 3D while talking to students at the London International School of Performing Arts. Now, that school as well as representatives for Reeves are saying it was completely made up.

Administrators at the London school have come forth to say Keanu Reeves didn’t even have a scheduled appearance there at all this week. Whoever it was who started this story was just making stuff up out of thin air.

After the school denied the story, Reeves’s people did as well, saying the reports were completely bogus and there is no official word on any continuation to the Matrix movie franchise.

The initial rumor said that not only was The Matrix 4 on the way, and set to be filmed in 3D, but there were already plans for The Matrix 5 to come out as well.

The report also suggested that movie producers had been in talks with James Cameron to get tips about how to create the best 3D movie experience. Cameron hasn’t responded to that apparently bogus claim but it’s pretty clear now that that hasn’t happened.

So, unfortunately, your dreams of seeing a Matrix movie filmed in 3D may not be as close to reality as it seemed just a couple days ago. And apparently anyone can just whisper complete inaccuracies and get them picked up all over the news media. That’s how the Internet works.