Mass Effect 3 coming March 6, 2012

Electronic Arts has confirmed a release date for the anticipated Mass Effect sequel.

Those were almost the very first words out of EA during its pre-E3 press conference this afternoon.

Bringing the most state-of-the-art visuals yet and ambitious new gameplay controls, EA promises Mass Effect 3 will be “the best in the series.”

One of the unique features about the Mass Effect series has been its unparalleled continuity. That is, the way players interacted with Mass Effect had a fundamental impact in the way their Mass Effect 2 experience was handled.

In Mass Effect 3, that dynamic will go even further, as players continue their epic journey in which every move they make, every decision they take, has an effect.

Mass Effect was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, but in one of the biggest scores for the PS3 to date, Mass Effect 2 was brought to the Sony console (albeit after a significant wait following its Xbox 360 release).

For Mass Effect 3, multiplatform support will come right out of the gate, with the PS3 version coming alongside the Xbox 360 and PC versions on the same day.

We now know that day is March 6, 2012.