Man tunnels his way to GameStop to rob store

Steven Paul Archer may be a convicted criminal, but in our eyes he’s still one of coolest people we’ve ever seen. The creative thief broke into an empty storefront that was next to GameStop in a strip mall, and tunneled his way through to the store.

You can imagine the surprise of GameStop employees when they walked into work on the morning of January 4 and saw a giant hole in the wall leading straight to the space next door.

According to a police report, Archer managed to snag more than $5,340 in merchandise through his impromptu tunnel, as well as $288.55 in cash.

Kotaku believed to have pinpointed the store as the one at 3101 West Market Street in Johnson City, TN. If you’re in the area and want to see something interesting, ask to see where the awesome tunnel was carved.

Archer was charged with felony burglary and was taken into police custody for questioning. When asked what his favorite Lemmings character was, he naturally said digger. Actually, that hasn’t been substantiated.

GameStop has long been a big target for burglars due to its young crowd demographic and the high ease of being able to resell the merchandise. But this is clearly the most unique robbery case we’ve ever seen.

(Via Kotaku)