Macworld 2010 kicks off without Apple

A Macworld without Apple? Can the show go on without Saint Steven Jobs and top spinner Philip Schiller?

Why, yes, yes it can.

According to Macworld VP Paul Kent, the conference will present an opportunity for the Mac community to see, buy and test the latest “game-changing” innovations for the Apple-products marketplace. 

“We’re excited to deliver one of the most dynamic and interesting Macworlds ever. This year’s Macworld shines a spotlight on all of the amazing things people are doing across the Apple-products ecosystem,” said Kent.

“[This includes] a diagnostic tool that identifies a vehicle’s potential repair problems, gloves that mimic human touch and allow users to tap their iPhones in harsh weather, a shoulder/hip bag with integrated controls that interface with iPods or iPhones and a paper scanner that sends documents and photos directly to popular desktop/web apps.”

Kent added that feature presentations will be given by a number “industry luminaries,” such as Kevin Smith, David Pogue, Guy Kawasaki, Leo Laporte, David Biedny and John Gruber.

Finally, there will be, yes, and we know you’ve been waiting for it: a special iPad event with Jason Snell, editorial director at Macworld. 

Snell will apparently “delve into” what the iPad means for users, developers, the tech industry and the “ancillary industries” it affects.

So be sure to stay tuned to TG Daily. We will be bringing you coverage of Macworld in all of its Jobless glory!