List Of Top 4 Truth Or Dare Apps

When you are looking for the best option to spice up your life and get more entertainment for your party with fun with your friends and family. Truth or Dare Apps are available that lets you have more fun. Sometimes, it is also quite hard to think on the questions while playing the game but it would be quite interesting. Truth or Dare is the verbal party game that mainly requires players to answer the question “Truth” or performing the “Dare” that are set by other players. Playing truth or dare game would be quite entertaining with the friends in the group. Truth or Dare games are completely creating the more fun-filled private naughty environment and suitable for having a good time playing with friends. When you are alone and get bored then you could install the top truth or dare app on your Smartphone or Tablet. Below are the lists of truth or dare apps that you could try on your device at home.

Truth or Dare – 18+

Truth or Dare 18+ is the paid adult truth or dare game. Spending couple of bucks lets you install the game that would be efficiently being useful for playing the game with shaking the device on your turn. Playing the game is much easier using the app. It is one of the best apps that have more collection of the dares ideas or dirty truth. With more than 500 reviews, the game is much more efficient to play on iPhone or iPad.

Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare (Sex Edition):

Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare is the Number 1 dirty app based on the truth or dare game. The game app has more than 5,000 reviews from people across the world who gave 4 star rating for the game. This truth or dare app has the number of naughty truths or dares that you could enjoy playing in your free time. Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare is free to download so playing the sexy adult game. Players could also spend a couple of bucks to easily unlock the number of categories in the game. When compared to other games in the playlist, Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare is quite an affordable and much entertaining to play. Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare (Sex Edition) is only available on iOS and not available in the Google Play Store.


TRUTH or DARE!!! Is a free game that is available only in the iOS. The app is quite interesting to play with more collection of ideas based on the truth or dare games. The game is also much more suited for the teens having more naughty truths and dares to enjoy playing. Unfortunately, the game has no new updates. The game requires the number of players with larger groups.

Truth or Dare (Dirty):

Truth or Dare dirty app is quite an expensive app but it is most looked after application definitely. Truth or Dare dirty app is a naughty game with bringing regular updates as well as more features.