Limited edition Scarface Blu-ray set will cost $1000

Would you pay $1,000 for the ultimate collector’s edition of Scarface?

Apparently Universal thinks 1,000 people will say yes to that question, as it has plans to issue exactly that many copies of what could be the most expensive Blu-ray movie ever.

At a list price of $999.99, the limited gift set edition of Scarface comes with an exclusive humidor that can apparently house 100 cigars. Other than that, it comes with a Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copy.

No other details of the gift set have been revealed, which may mean that’s all there is to it. Given how die-hard some people are when it comes to Scarface, it wouldn’t be surprising if there are a handful willing to spend that much money for nothing more than an exclusive piece of movie memorabilia.

Fans of the classic Al Pacino flick have been asking for a Blu-ray version for years, so even those who don’t have a $1,000 hole in their pockets should be excited about the release. A $35, standard Blu-ray Disc will come out the same time as the ultra expensive set, on September 6.