LimeWire suffers copyright infringement of its own

If LimeWire – recently shut down for encouraging illegal downloads – is to be believed, it may be issuing a few copyright letters of its own.

LimeWire was forced to close last month after a New York judge slapped a permanent injunction on the file-sharing site. The decision came after a long-running battle with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) over copyright infringement.

Last week, it appeared that the service was on again in another place and under another name. LimeWire Pirate Edition appears to be based on the final beta of LimeWire Pro, with the  toolbar, adware and spyware stripped out. It’s available here for Windows and Linux.

But now, LimeWire says that it has nothing to do with LimeWire Pirate Edition.

“We have recently become aware of unauthorized applications on the internet purporting to use the LimeWire name,” says the company on its shuttered site. “We demand that all persons using the LimeWire software, name or trademark in order to upload or download copyrighted works in any manner cease and desist from doing so.”

So will LimeWire track down the perpetrators and slap them with copyright and trademark injunctions? Somehow we suspect not.