Lil Wayne sets new Facebook "Likes" record

Rapper Lil Wayne has beaten out other artists, actors, stores, and fast food items to set the record for garnering the most “Likes” on Facebook in a 24 hour period.

Wayne’s main competition was Oreos. The cookie brand had set up a promotional campaign to try to become the new Likes champion, but Wayne stepped forward to try to topple to delicious snack treat.

And he did so handily. The rapper managed to rally 588,243 of his fans to go to his Facebook fan page and click the thumbs-up “Like” button within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the best Oreos was able to do was tally up 114,619.

Lil Wayne will be inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for his accomplishment. Yes, there is an official Guinness record for the most Facebook Likes in 24 hours.

Wayne will become the first to achieve the honor. It’s certainly a record that will likely be bested in the months and years to come.