Lego house takes shape in England

A rather unusual residence is starting to take shape in Dorking, UK. A British television presenter is building a two-storey house from Lego, and says he plans to live in it.

James May, who presents popular car program Top Gear, has needed a little help – already, 1,200 volunteers have come forward. But professional builders are now taking over, and May says he expects the house to be ready by the end of the week.

The house, being built in Dorking, Surrey, will need about 3.5 million Lego bricks to complete.

There’s going to be a Lego roof, a Lego staircase, and the  furniture is all being built out of Lego. More problematic are the bath and shower.

May hasn’t said how long he plans to live in the house. Maybe it depends on how well the Lego flushing lavatory performs.

Lego has been in the news for another reason this week. Apparently a vital part of the Lego giraffe at the UK’s Legoland theme park keeps going missing. Lego insists the missing member is a tail.