Leaked video of new Xbox 360 Dashboard surfaces

A major update to the Xbox 360 internal software is expected next month, and a new video reportedly shows off some of the features to expect.

Xbox 360 users are anxiously awaiting the update, which will purportedly give users access to live streaming TV, essentially turning the game console into a virtual cable box, along with access to a slew of other multimedia content and additional functionality with the Kinect motion camera accessory.

Apparently some Xbox employee in France, or someone who was otherwise able to get his hands on a sneak peek of the software upgrade, posted a video of the new features in action.

The video, originally posted by Logic-Sunrise, is in French and does not show anything related to live TV. It does, however, show what appears to be a brand new and much more robust Kinect menu.

Currently, users are able to navigate through very limited Xbox 360 menus with the Kinect’s voice recognition feature. In this leaked video, though, there are menu interfaces for console settings, social interaction, and a new category called “applications.”

The applications menu appears to be where users will be able to access all non-gaming software, like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Microsoft has failed to fully deliver on its promise of Kinect being a revolutionary media innovation as it is currently seen largely as a gimmick and has only really been used for extremely basic voice recognition and motion-controlled mini-games.

At E3 earlier this year, though, Microsoft showed off much more impressive uses of the technology, including seamless voice command technology in high-profile shooter games and integrated motion controls for hardcore titles.

It was reported last week that the Xbox 360 Dashboard update is slated for November 15, which marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the original Xbox.