Kongregate Arcade…It’s back!

Kongregate Arcade has returned to Google’s Android market after being abruptly removed for allegedly violating stringent app guidelines.

According to Kongregate CEO Jim Greer, a number of changes have been made to facilitate the app’s (thus far) successful re-submission.

For example, although the original iteration of the app played games in a standard WebKit browser, the experience was somewhat “obfuscated” by the concealment of the browser’s address bar.

“Now, the address bar is visible when the app first loads, and then it jumps to full-screen, which is a standard feature of Flash,” Greer explained in a statement quoted by Joystiq.

“[In addition], Kongregate Arcade will now use the standard browser cache to store its offline files instead of explicitly downloading and managing games on the SD card.”

Greer added that the changes would likely help Arcade “meet Google’s requirement that we’re not creating a competing App Store while still creating a great gaming experience.”