Kinect sales figures net Microsoft a Guinness world record

Guinness World Records has added the Kinect to its roll of honor – not for sitting in a tub full of baked beans for a record time, but for being the fastest-selling electronic device in history.

It says that the Kinect for the 360 sold an average of 133,333 units per day, giving it a total of eight million units in its first 60 days on sale from 4 November 2010 to 3 January this year.

Sulky Apple execs are no doubt planning a fun run in response, as Guinness points out that the Kinect sales figures outstrip both the iPhone and the iPad launch sales.

“The sales figures here speak for themselves,” says Gaz Deaves, editor of Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition.  “We can confirm that no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector.”

The new record will be included in the next Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.

Sales for the Kinect have slowed a little since, with the company shifting another two million since the beginning of January – 10 million units in all. Microsoft’s sold a similar number of Kinect games.

The company’s promising some new features for the Xbox this spring, including Kinect-enabled Netflix and Hulu Plus, allowing users to use hand gestures and their voice to control Netflix on Xbox Live.

Also coming this year is Avatar Kinect, allowing players to control their avatar’s movements and expressions by smiling, frowning, nodding or speaking. Players can get together with up to seven friends in a range of themed environments.