Kinect already reaches million-sales milestone

Perhaps all of Microsoft’s lofty marketing speak and sales goals were a little bit more tethered to reality than one might have thought, as the software giant has announced an important milestone for Kinect.

The company has announced that among the 38 countries and more than 60,000 stores stocking the device, it has managed to sell a million units in just 10 days. In other words, it’s being sold on a pace of 100,000 every day. Not bad.

“This is a great start to the holiday season, and we will continue to work with our retailer partners to keep pace with high demand and deliver against our plan to sell more than five million Kinect sensors worldwide by the end of this year,” said Microsoft department head Don Mattrick.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for Microsoft’s motion-sensing camera ever since it was first unveiled under its code name, Project Natal, last year. Back then, people raved about its potential, but now that it’s actually launched, Kinect has faced an onslaught of mediocre reviews, saying it’s nothing more than a glorified EyeToy, a Sony accessory from way back in the PS2 era.

Nevertheless, because of its global rollout and the fact that Microsoft has spent more money to promote Kinect than it has for any other Xbox product before, seems to be working for it.