JetBlue JFK terminal gets equipped with 3DS

If you’ve got a long layover at JFK anytime soon, hopefully you’re flying JetBlue.

Nintendo has just installed a bunch of 3DS demo units at the carrier’s terminal and home base. There are company representatives on-site to demonstrate the glasses-free 3D device, and enough sample games to help you melt away the minutes while you wait for your flight to whatever US destination may be on your horizon.

We’re unsure whether or not you can actually buy a 3DS there, though that would make sense. Even if there is no point-of-sale system right there at the Nintendo booth, JetBlue’s terminal has recently been revamped and is chock full of electronics stores that likely carry the 3DS now or will soon.

This is part of Nintendo’s play to give consumers a hands-on experience with the device as opposed to relying on a traditional print and TV ad campaign, because, after all, it’s very difficult to convey the power of the 3DS with those more traditional forms of media.

Regardless, anything that can be done to make the experience at an airport a little less humdrum is a good thing. Now we just have to wait for airlines to start hiring Nintendo to come on board when passengers get stranded on the tarmac for four hours.