James Cameron to be first recipient of new 3D movie award

The man whose 3D movie made more money than any movie in history will be the inaugural recipient of the International 3D Society’s Harold Lloyd Award, honoring excellence in the art of 3D filmmaking.

The award is named after a man who was one of the original visionaries and pioneers of 3D photography. His granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd, chairman of Harold Lloyd Entertainment, said of Cameron he “has embodied Harold Lloyd’s vision and passion for dazzling audiences across the globe,” adding “With ‘Avatar’ and his commitment to 3D storytelling, it is appropriate that he is the first recipient of this most prestigious annual award.”

The International 3D Society is a group that has gained strong presence after movies like Avatar sparked a whole new slew of interest in the advanced movie medium.

The society will host its 2nd annual Creative Arts Awards in Hollywood one week from today. The presentation will be the first awards ceremony to be broadcast live in 3D. Those with DirecTV will be able to watch it on 3net, a 3D network owned and operated by DirecTV.

Cameron has become a spokesperson for 3D entertainment all around the world, making his voice well represented when he is a fan or a critic of the latest 3D movie. He’s an advocate for the industry but warns filmmakers not to try to make a quick buck with the extra revenue potential with 3D.

As for himself, Cameron’s latest project, Sanctum, opens in theaters this week. The director is also working on Avatar 2, Avatar 3D, and a complete 3D remastering of Titanic.