James Cameron begs Hollywood for 3D content

Avatar producer James Cameron has issued a public plea for Hollywood to increase its production of 3D content for the two-dimensional masses.

“We’re going to have 3D TVs all around us … and we’re going to need thousands of hours of sports, comedy and music and all kinds of entertainment,” Cameron, who was quoted by Reuters, told a technology forum in Seoul.

“You’ve got the channel, you’ve got the sets. The missing piece is content. You’ve got to get the content.”

Cameron emphasized that big entertainment companies shouldn’t “be afraid to shoot in 3D” because “tens of thousands of people all over the world” film in 3D “every day.”

“There’s not going to be the time or the money to convert [2D]. It’s going to have to be shot live,” said Cameron.

“We’re going to learn how to do live shooting. The cost will come down on live 3D production.”

Meanwhile, Kat Hannaford of Gizmodo noted that it would be a “long time” until consumers would actually be able to watch anything on their 3DTV sets.

“Monsters Vs Aliens is being bundled with Samsung 3D glasses packages and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is out in June. Avatar? Well. We won’t be seeing Avatar until early 2011, according to reports,” wrote Hannaford.

“[And] in the US, it’s going to be a while until anything is broadcast in 3D. Comcast’s 3D channel broadcast the Masters in April, but the next 3D transmission won’t be until June, when DirectTV’s dedicated 3D channel will launch, along with ESPN 3D.”