It’s Super Twario – a Twitter video game

How much would you pay to access all your Twitter content in an interactive virtual environment? Would you even want to?

If you had to run and jump through colorful forests to see all the latest Tweets for the people you’re following, would you think that’s fun or dumb? A $2.49 game on the iTunes App Store hopes you’ll say it’s fun.

Yes, Super Twario takes all the excitement of Twitter and puts in a Super Mario-like setting. As players run across the never-ending landscape, new Tweets pop up above your rabbit character. The game also allows players to respond as well as Retweet to their followed user’s postings, or even post a new Tweet to their own account. Doing any of these actions earns points, giving everyone even more of an incentive to post as many menial things as possible.

As the game’s official description puts it, “Tilt to move Twario around a world built from your Twitter feed and leap around to interact with Avatars and fill your Tweets with a lot more fun.”

Oh, and get this. It’s even connected to the iPhone gaming service Game Center, and you can unlock achievements to add to your Game Center profile. Imagine that – unlocking game achievements just from checking your Twitter content. What will they think of next?