It’s not Game over yet at GDC

Ahh, the sweet smell of stale pizza and the fizzy sound of a refreshing, if disturbingly urine like, diet Mountain Dew being cracked open.


It’s not Game over yet at GDC


Yep, it’s the fourth day of GDC, the show where geeks rule and if you don’t have blue hair, or a full sleeve of tatts, you feel like the odd one out.

The crowds were out in force again today as gamers gamed, marketers marketed, recruiters recruited and journalists, er, blogged.

While there wasn’t much in the way of booth babes at GDC, some of the graphically stunning artwork lining the booth walls was certainly enough to wow most.

And whether in search of the latest SDK, most innovative hardware, breathtaking graphic design, heart wrenching storyline or wrist numbing plastic guitar strumming, it was certainly all on display.