Is Star Wars derivative of Star Trek?

William Shatner – aka Captain James T. Kirk – has weighed in (quite heavily) on why Star Trek is actually better than Star Wars.

“Star Trek had relationships and conflict among [those] relationships. [There were also] stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions,” Shatner pontificated in a video interview posted to YouTube.

“Star Wars was special effects, [it] was ILM at its best. [Plus], Star Wars is derivative of Star Trek by 10, 15 [or] 20 years.”

The outspoken Shatner also claimed there was a huge “resurgence” of Star Trek in a big movie frame that “supersedes” Star Wars on every level.

“Not only was the television show was more humane than Star Wars, but now the JJ Abrams [version of] Star Trek has even more special effects, so Star Wars has nothing to stand on.”

Finally, Shatner insisted that as beautiful as Princess Leia was, she couldn’t possibly compare to the “marvelous heroines” on Star Trek.

Still, Shatner admitted he would definitely have run off with Princess Leia given the opportunity – as that “would be the perfect union” of both Star Trek and Star Wars.