Is Arnold back for more time-traveling robotics?

Fresh on the heels of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s announcement that he’ll be returning to Hollywood, there are reports that the current owners of the Terminator franchise are considering making yet another movie. Is it a coincidence? I sure hope so.

As much as I like the Terminator story (I’m always a sucker for time travel stories of any kind), I don’t think it’s the right vehicle for Schwarzenegger’s return to movie-making. F

or that matter, I’m not sure that this company will do the series justice at all.

First, and perhaps most importantly, it seems that Universal is looking to put Jason Lin in the director’s chair for the project.

Lin has directed several films for Universal, all of them trite, hackneyed crap.

For example: 2-5 of the Fast and Furious franchise. Of course, they also have him slated to direct the upcoming Highlander reboot.

That’s some big shoes to give to a guy who’s never directed a fantasy movie before.

No word on what they want to do with the new movie. In today’s apparent climate of reboots, perhaps the plan is to start from scratch, but plans for two more movies with Bale were already in the works when Halcyon went into bankruptcy and had to sell off the rights to the franchise, so perhaps those scripts will be dusted off and offered up. 

Either way, if they put Schwarzenegger in the film it will likely be a box-office smash just for that alone, which is the biggest reason I think I don’t want him anywhere near this project. 

Not much effort would need to put into making it an actual good movie, and they know that, so they wouldn’t.

Why spend a fortune making the movie great, when you know people will go watch it just to see Arnold back on the silver screen again?

Of course, if they include him, Schwarzenegger would likely have to be a part of the production only as a voice actor or MoCap performer, as he doesn’t quite look the part of a Terminator robot anymore.

I know I’ll be derided by the hardcore among you, but frankly, I’d much rather see more Summer Glau anyway. 

The Sarah Connor Chronicles were the deepest, most interesting stories of the Terminator universe, and a continuation of the series would be much better than another movie.