iPorn girls ask Apple execs to improve bum deal

Miffed at Apple’s less-than-enthusiastic attitude to its iPhone app, iPorn is threatening to send five of its iPorn girls into the boardroom.

The company claims to be co-ordinating a visit to take place in the next few weeks – although it may find the Apple execs hiding under their desks and pretending to be out.

The company says it reckons the Apple board is “likely to respond favorably to the iPorn girls’ high level of motivation and willingness to bend over backwards in order to close a deal”.

The app is currently only available by visiting iporn.com via the browser – far too much hassle, says the company.

“The whole world is waiting for Apple to stop controlling the type of applications its users are allowed to access,” says iPorn. “The approval of the iPorn iPhone app would be Apple’s first step in the right direction – no more censorship!”

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