Internet demands Kinect sex, stat!

The Internet has been abuzz over Microsoft’s Kinect, the gaming system we all know to rate our dance skills and helps us perfect our yoga poses.

A controller-free device like Kinect that depicts our movements on the big screen TV has done a great job of bringing out a little of the voyeur in all of us.

Speaking of voyeurism, perhaps the Kinect is just begging for an adult themed game.

Considering recent hacks that allow players to tweak the Kinect for their own customizable gaming standards, it seems like almost a matter of time until someone comes up with a naughty game for adult players.

Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is “How can I [have sex]” using Kinect?” pondered Kyle Machulis of Slashdong (yea, that’s probably a site that’s not safe for work…just saying).

Oh wait, someone already did! Dan Wilcox created a Kinect hack to track breasts, and not even lady breasts.

We’re talking his own breasts… full out man boobs, or as I like to call them, moobs.

Although this hack is a pretty tame version of what dirty minded hackers could potentially do in terms of adult games, Wilcox might have just laid the foundation for some pretty cool future Kinect games.

We’re sure that someone will indeed create an adult themed game, the question that remains is whether or not the Kinect will render a player’s naughty bits in a satisfactory way.

Machulis argues that watching pornography on the Kinect or engaging in Kinect sex may not be up to par with with a true pornofile’s standards.

He says that the Kinect’s rendering of genitalia might be iffy because “for the most part, [genitalia] are not a major geometric feature of the human body when taken in perspective of physical size…Neither are they normally used in the control of video games, be they rated (for all) or (for adults only).”

Wa, wa.

The good news is, Machulis “bet[s] we’ll see Kinect porn and possibly Kinect Skype services within the month.”

Until that time, iPhone Face Time and good old fashioned Grand Theft Auto will have to suffice our adult-themed gaming goals.