Indie game developers push for reality TV show

Three independent game development studios are currently pitching around an idea for a new reality show – one that would put cameras inside the development process of a game from start to finish.

Los Angeles-based Floor 84 Studio has teamed up with Scientifically Proven Entertainment, a Michigan-based game developer, to develop the reality series, “Making the Game.”

The show will follow the trials and tribulations of Scientifically Proven Entertainment, along with two other independent studios: Epicenter Studios and F84 Games, a sister company of Floor 84 Studio. During the course of the series, viewers will watch the development of a game from start to finish, including all the drama that arises from personality clashes, artistic differences, and tight deadlines.

Video game reality shows are still largely unchartered waters. Last year, the SciFi Channel ran a brief series about gamers competing to join the World Cyber Games League. And right now, Sony is in the middle of airing its own reality competition “The Tester”. Available exclusively for download from the PS3 and PSP, The Tester features Survivor-style challenges in a competition to become the next Playstation game tester.

“The current U.S. gamer population is 170 million, more than half of our nation’s population. This massive market share opens a huge opportunity for television programming that speaks to their passions,” said Floor 84 Studio CEO Jeff Hardy.

Epicenter Studios is currently working