Inception may be going 3D for Blu-ray

With its mind-bending plot and stark visual scenery, Inception would have made a great 3D movie. In fact, when shown footage of a 3D version of the flick, test audiences liked it. But director Chris Nolan didn’t, so it was released in bland 2D.

However, now there’s buzz that a 3D version of Inception is in the works, for home video. According to, Inception is being converted into 3D for released on Blu-ray 3D later this year.

Of course, Inception already came out for Blu-ray and DVD so this would be an additional, much more niche-targeted release.

The more curious part of the story, though, comes from the fact that the movie was made by such an anti-3D figure. Chris Nolan has been very vocal about his disdain for the format.

He’s not the only one. Wally Pfister, the movie’s cinematographer, dismissed the entire 3D industry as nothing but a novelty and amusement park twaddle.

Other anti-3D people have finally buckled under the pressure, including Michael Bay. After saying he hated the idea of 3D, he was nevertheless forced to make the new Transformers movie in 3D.

It’s possible that Inception could be getting the conversion with Nolan not even being involved. After all, the movie is complete; all that needs to be done is the conversion process, which is actually quite labor-intensive.

The Blu-ray 3D format is still very much a niche format, so it’s interesting to see so much effort being put into a movie that the director himself doesn’t even want in 3D.