iGugu touts TV PC gaming

iGugu has introduced a system that allows users to easily access and play PC games on televisions or home theater systems.

The Gamecore wireless controller features a trackball, direction pad, joystick, programmable action buttons, six accelerometers and a full QWERTY keyboard.

iGugu president Isaac Calderon claimed that the Gamecore will help “fundamentally” change the way PC gaming is perceived. 

“Since the arrival of the very first PC game, players have been forced to interact with the games using an unintuitive mix of keystrokes and two-dimensional mouse movements,” said Calderon.

“[However], the Gamecore completely [alters] PC gaming by providing a game controller that give the user better control over the game than that of traditional game consoles and moves the game from the PC monitor to a large screen television in the living room.”

According to Calderon, the Gamecore offers a TV-friendly, easy-to-use interface for managing entire PC game libraries and Internet gaming sites.

He added that linking the PC to a television was “made easy” by iGugu’s two connectivity options.

“iGugu Mid Range provides connectivity up to 50 feet through a VGA cable and utilizes a wireless USB which is connected to the PC to communicate with the wireless remote,” explained Calderon.

“iGugu Long Range enables audio and high-definition video to be transmitted up to 330 feet between transmitter/receiver boxes that are connected between the computer and television.”