If you want to see Oprah trying Kinect, watch today

When you think of Oprah, the latest video game technology probably isn’t something that immediately comes to mind. But the queen of talk will welcome the Xbox 360 Kinect into her studio today.

The announcement certainly delivers on Microsoft’s promise that the launch of Kinect will be its most high-profile launch ever. Seriously. They’re pumping more money into this baby than the Xbox or Xbox 360, or any of the Halo launches, or anything.

We expect the show to have some sort-of-popular celebrity or two, along with Oprah, gyrating all around to make people laugh and think, “Hey. What a fun little gadget. We should get one of those.” It’ll be like a bad infomercial, probably.

That is, of course, unless Tom Cruise happens to be a guest on the show. We can only imagine (and fear) what would happen in that situation.

Kinect sort of did the talk show circuit last year after the technology was first shown off. Back then it was called Project Natal. The live demos were largely failures as the uninitiated talk show hosts had no idea how to move their hands and arms about. I wonder if Oprah will be any better…

The Oprah episode will be airing today, Tuesday, October 19. Apparently Ellen will also be getting her shot at Kinect later in the month. Well, I guess that’s their target audience…

Kinect is due out November 4 and will be priced at $150, as expensive as a Nintendo DSi and nearly the same cost as a Wii or a bare-bones Xbox 360 system.