IBM ships 50 millionth 90nm Wii CPU

East Fishkill (NY) – Not to be outdone by AMD’s recent achievement of shipping 50 million Wii GPUs (and GPUs for Xbox as well), IBM has announced that their CPUs have now powered all 50 million Wiis built to date.

In 2006, Nintendo signed a multi-year contract with IBM to provide Power architecture CPUs built using IBM’s Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) process. IBM used their Broadway 90nm SOI CMOS process, which for the Wii reportedly clocks at 729 MHz, with the entire system (including ATI’s Hollywood GPU at a reported 245 MHz) consuming less than 20 watts under full load — as the Wii does not have an internal hard drive, and only has 512 MB of build-in NAND flash memory, with an external SD card of up to 2 GB.

See IBM’s press release and AMD’s press release on 50 millionth GPU.