Hulu Plus on PS3 to require $50/year Playstation Plus?

Hulu’s new premium TV-watching service is on its way to a whole bunch of platforms, but there are now rumors that the $10/month fee may not be the only cost that users face.

Although Hulu Plus “launched” yesterday, hardly anyone actually has an account there yet. That’s because it’s still an “invitation only” service. Users can request an invite with no way of knowing when they’ll actually be able to sign up.

Regardless, all the official details of the premium Hulu content were uneveiled, and in addition to being able to stream thousands of hours of TV programming from a computer, Hulu Plus is already making its way to a number of devices.

The Hulu Plus app is already available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Samsung TVs, and it’s on its way to the Xbox 360, PS3, and other TV manufacturers.

Interestingly, another premium service just launched on a platform that used to be completely free: Playstation Plus on the PS3’s online network launched this past week for a cost of $50 per year.

The Web site happened to come across some source code on the new Hulu Plus page that reads, “The instructions below will help you install Hulu Plus on your PS3. Note: you must be a subscriber of the PlayStation Plus Network.”

However, that text does not actually appear on the live page itself. So it was either something that should have been cut from the code, or it’s just not programmed to appear until the PS3 Hulu app goes live.

If Playstation Plus is required, it’s likely that a similar stipulation would apply to the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is currently the only platform that requires Netflix streamers to subscribe to the console’s premium online service, so having that requirement for Hulu would not be out of the question.