HP develops own motion-sensing controller for PC

Motion-sensitive controllers are beginning to dominate the console gaming market, and now HP is bringing the craze to the PC with its own branded gaming controller.

The HP Swing Real-Life Gaming system for PC has come out in India, where it is now being bundled with HP’s Pavilion computers.

The Swing system will not be sold separately, at least not yet. It comes with pre-packaged software akin to Wii Sports – users can swing a controller to play basketball, baseball, and bowling.

According to Techtree.com, the motion-sensitive game system tracks entire body movements and not just a flick of the hand.

The entire system consists of a box and a handheld TV remote-style controller, kind of like the Wii. HP hasn’t said much about this device in outside markets, and today’s launch was somewhat of a surprise.

It’s unlikely this will expand into a big enterprise for HP, but it is an extra note to the new trend that is motion-sensitive gaming.