How to get it on with your Wiibrator

The folks at Mojowijo have finally come up with a good use for those abandoned Wii controllers that are sitting in the corner gathering dust.

Yes, now you can now transform your boring, unassuming Wiimote into a next-gen, futuristic body stimulation device (or vibrator).

How, you ask?

Well, it’s quite easy, really. 

Simply, er, insert the company’s rather raunchy looking device into your Wii controller, which is then connected to a bluetooth enabled PC running Mojowijo software.

Once activated, the Mojowijo – which is expected to work “interactively” over Skype – transforms the motions of the controller into “appropriate” vibration signals and sends them to another selected Wiimote.

Basically, the motions of one device are transformed into vibrations in the other. 

This means you can Mojowijo with someone in the same room, over the Internet, or of course, by yourself. 

Interested? Maybe just a little?

C’mon, of course you are, there’s no need to blush!

Lucky for you, the vibrating Mojowijo is currently in the final stages of its development, with the company putting out a passionate call for beta testers.

So be sure to sign up here to share the mojo. 

Who knows? 

You may be sent a free device in exchange for your, er, very personal feedback.