How Did League of Legends Become The Most Popular Video Game

The Riot Games’ League of Legends hit the homerun for the most popular video games played this 2017. According to Polygon’s ranking last December 2016, the LOL was nominated thrice in different categories, namely, Best Esports Player, Best Esports Team, and Best Esports Game.

Recently last June 2017, the Riot Games’ developers won the prestigious trophy entitled, ‘BAFTA Special Award’. This triumph aims to recognize the innovativeness and creativity of the founders and people behind the League of Legends. The multiplayer battle arena video game was truly manifested as Legend all throughout the years from 2009 until today.

In the latest ranking conducted by Unranked Smurfs, the League of Legend still pulled a great performance in its gaming per se based on the increasing numbers of players from 2011 (11.5 million) up to 2017 (now at 81 million). This international video game was remarkable to achieve its phenomenal success. The question here lies, “how did aleague of legends become the most popular video game?”

5 Reasons Why League of Legends Became So Popular

1. Unique and Challenging Game Mechanics

Although this MOBA resembles like the StarCraft, DOTA 2 or CS: GO, it is entirely different in terms of the graphics, mechanics, maps, championship tournaments, and more. The technical developers assure that the game has no lopsided competitions, BOT engines, hackers, and leavers.

This MOBA gameplay lures the players due to its FTP feature, strategical combatting system, reward progression, five-on-five competitions, Summoner’s Rift map, and affordable characters to purchase ranging 117 characters to choose from.

There’s a lot of spotlights that awaits us to play and try this incredible League of Legends game. You can compete and achieve a great ranking. You may also opt to buy a league of legends account. There are several players that auction their accounts at a very affordable price. They have already Gold, Silver, Diamond, or Platinum ranks which are very suitable for your needs as a player.

2. Updated Patches for New Features/Events

Riot Games’ developers are explicitly active with their League of Legends. They are innovative and creative to their game mechanics and make some surprising changes to add more thrill and excitement to the players. It also keeps the gameplay strategical because you have to try the new skills of the characters in order to plan for your tactics.

Moreover, the extra features and events make the LOL lively and active. Another reason why there’s a substantial increase of the registered users from time to time.

3. Hall of Fame: 6 Tiered Ranking and Ladder System

What keeps LOL addictive? The competitive ranking system makes the MOBA alive and keeps the players high spirited to achieve the ultimate rank. The ladder system starts from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond up to Challenger ranking. In addition, the gamers are also allowed to play normally without the need to participate in the rankings.

This 6-Tiered ranking system promotes healthy competitions among the players and strives them hard to take the next step towards success.

4. Teamwork, Fun, and Incentives

What motivates a gamer to become high spirited and competitive? It’s the fun that counts. Gamers are becoming competitive when some groups try to get their rankings. It will definitely make the gamers thrilled, give their utmost effort, and think strategically to win the match. They can also use a 3×3 or 5×5 match for group competitions.

It also encourages them to practice and play often to plan for a better tactic to win. Moreover, it makes the group develop a fun, excitement, respect, and teamwork while playing LOL. What’s the biggest incentive that you’ll get from LOL? It’s the circle of friends. You will also learn tactics from your friends and you can even compete internationally as a group.

5. The International Grand Tournament

What is the hottest and trendiest event in LOL? It’s the grand tournament! People were gathered together to play and watch competitive league of legends scenes and take home millions of dollars. Yes, you heard it right.

Playing league of legends is not only for fun but also a potential career that awaits you. Nowadays, there are many sponsors that shoulder the expenses of the gamers and they help build a gaming community which gives priority and allow privileges to the gamers. There were also small and regional competitions which can drive the player to practice and compete. Some of the participants were coming from America, Europe, China, Korea, and more.