High-tech Monopoly has built-in computer

100-year-old board games aren’t usually the kinds of things worth writing home about, but this is.

People play board games to get away from the LCD inundation and computer overload. But Hasbro is releasing a fresh new version of Monopoly that brings it into the next generation and tries to appeal to technophiles.

Monopoly Live incorporates four electronic card swipes, special debit cards, and a towering computer in the middle of the board.

The “smart” board game keeps track of everyone’s money and where their token is on the board, so cheating in this game is getting harder and harder.

The core of the game doesn’t really change, so the 108-year-old Monopoly legacy is still kicking, but it’s nice to see something new and fresh spicing things up. Monopoly Live will go on sale this fall for $50.

(Via New York Times)