Hard-Core Conduit placates desperate Wii fans

San Francisco (CA) – Sega and High Voltage Software have finally shipped the long-awaited Conduit for the Nintendo Wii. Conduit, a hard-core FPS (first-person shooter), features a “intense conspiracy-laden single-player campaign,” along with an advanced arsenal of weapons and high-tech equipment. The Conduit also supports online multiplayer battles for up to 12 participants.

The game – which takes place in an alternate future – offers players the chance to explore a Washington, DC that has been “shaken” by several strange events. John Adams, the engimatic learder of a shadow organization known as the Trust, soon realizes that the nation’s captial has been attacked by a nefarious alien race known as the Drudge. Former secret service agent Michael Ford is quickly recruited to investigate the origins of the invasion.

The Conduit, along with upcoming titles such as The Grinder and Gladiator AD, may help convince veteran gamers that the Wii is more than just a glorified exercise machine. Indeed, the Wii has often been criticized for lacking an extensive selection of hard-core titles.

As TG Daily previously reported, Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf recently criticized Nintendo gamers and referred to the Wii as an “amateur console.”

“I’m not into the Wii thing,” LaBeouf told BigDownload. “This is how in a simple way you can find out if it’s a gamer you want to play with. Ask them if they have a Wii. If they say yes, get the f*** out of there.”

LeBeouf – who referred to himself as a “gamer” – also claimed he would rather “eat glass” than play the Wii version of LEGO Star Wars. However, LeBeouf praised a number of other titles, including Sid Meier’s Civilization, Godfather II, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario Kart.