Google partners with Nintendo for new Wii game

It sounds like an April Fool’s joke but it’s not, unless Nintendo is really pulling the wool over our eyes… a new page on their Japanese site details a game that actually integrates Web search results.

The game, “Andou Kensaku,” is like Google Fight, a game that pits two “competitors” (words or search terms) together, and the one with the most amount of hits is the winner.

Andou Kensaku expands on this idea a bit more. Mini-games will involve players choosing words or phrases that they think are the more popular search term.

The game doesn’t actually require players to connect to the Internet, as it comes shipped with archived search data on the disc. However, if the game does connect online, it will update itself to provide the most current data. Additional downloadable content is also planned for the game later on.

It is currently set for an April 29 release date in Japan. No word yet on a US release.