Google goes down on bended knee

Hurrah! The great day is here. And to celebrate, Google is parading its monarchist sympathies.

It’s created a 3D model of the royal couple’s wedding route on Google Earth, so that people can see what a bunch of London streets look like without a chinless wonder and a horsey public schoolgirl in them.

There’s a Google Earth plug-in, an interactive map, an EarthSwoop and a video, all available here.

“We’ve also featured a few highlights along the procession route for you to explore in 3D using Google Maps with Earth View,” explains Phil Verney, program manager for Google Earth and Maps.

“If you have the Google Earth plug-in installed, you can get started viewing these spots though an immersive tour right away, or you can download the Google Earth plug-in to explore Google Maps in 3D.”

It’s the next best thing for all those whose invitations were unaccountably lost in the mail.

“With one click, you can travel to Buckingham Palace, fly to an aerial perspective of Westminster Abbey, or get a clock-level view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament,” says Verney.

And today’s Google Doodle, too, has a monarchist theme – we can only assume that Larry Page is after a knighthood. It shows a rather Dickensian image of a horse-drawn carriage in a cloud of red, white and blue confetti.

Bah, humbug, say we.