Google+ games poised to make a splash

Perhaps you need some convincing before you’ll believe Google can somehow legitimately challenge Facebook.

Obviously Google needs to bring something – in fact, a lot of things – that are exceedingly special if it wants Google+ to be a success. And one of those things just might be its push into the gaming space.

The search engine giant has been investing resources in the game space for several months. It made a few key acquisitions earlier this year and in 2010, some of which had everyone scratching their heads until Google+ came to light.

Still in a testing phase, Google+ is of course in the process of being fine-tuned and altered. And one of the things that hasn’t been launched yet are the platform’s games.

Google has been making its way into the space little by little. For example, it has a digital download store (the Chrome Web Store) which sells games, and it has launched a couple very kitsch Flash games on the home page.

Google+ has already managed to make a splash here and there. To those who have tried it, it seems much more intuitive and user-friendly than Facebook in many ways, but it seems like an almost impossible, suicidal task to take on a behemoth like Facebook, which has 750 million users.

The one thing that can talk more than anything else, though, is money. The biggest user-triggered revenue stream on Facebook is in its games like Farmville. If Google can somehow offer a more captivating game experience, it may actually have a shot.