God of War III sent to printers

The game code for God of War III has been finalized as fans across the world are rejoicing over one single statement: the game has gone gold. That means all that is left is for the game to be pressed onto millions of Blu-ray Discs, packaged, and sent to retailers.

The ambitious game, which has one of the largest file sizes of any console game ever, is set for a release date in the US of March 16.

Ahead of the announcement yesterday, Sony released a downloadable demo for the game on PS3. It is the same demo that media and industry professionals were able to try out at last year’s E3 expo, which was also packed in with the Blu-ray Disc release of District 9.

God of War III is set to be the final installment in the massively successful franchise. Many consider it to be the last major exclusive lined up for the PS3 at this time so it is Sony’s last big chance to prove its mettle.

In addition to the standard $60 game, Sony is also releasing a $100 “Ultimate Edition” with a packed-in replica of Pandora’s Box, an exclusive art book, and a bunch of in-game content available only to those who purchase the premium package.