Glenn Beck explains Angry Birds’ socialist connection

Extremely popular radio show host Glenn Beck is apparently trying to connect with his younger, hipper listeners.

In a recent segment on his daily syndicated radio show, Beck was able to bring very stark, important undertones to a mobile app that most people had previously only looked at as a fun, casual game.

But in fact, Angry Birds symbolizes one of the biggest travesties of America’s potential downward spiral – “redistribution of eggs.”

Wait, what?

Beck looked at the premise of Angry Birds and managed to link it to a message about socialism and Nazi Germany. As Beck, and only Beck, could put it, the birds worked for their eggs, but the pigs have taken them.

The birds represent “the wealthiest 1%” of Americans, while the pigs are just mooching – “especially the one wearing the crown” (cough, President Obama, cough).

The weird thing is it actually, kind of almost makes sense. But then again, anyone should be leery of anything Glenn Beck says about video games. After all, he’s part of the radical anti-violent video game group who rants about rape simulators and torture porn, when there are absolutely no retail games that match that description.

Clearly this was Beck’s attempt to connect with the iPhone generation, or the group of people who were awestruck from Obama’s grandeur and public speaking skills, but became disappointed after he took office, reneged on his promises, and realized it’s actually a hard job.

But will the Angry Birds analogy be enough to convince anyone that socialism is bad? Perhaps Beck should start working on metaphors with Call of Duty as well.