Get your own personal 3D movie glasses for $120

Movie studios pour in millions of dollars to make sure their projects use the absolute best in 3D technology, but then you, the viewer, are supposed to watch it with cheap, disposable 3D glasses. Now one optics company says “not anymore.”

Oakley, a company that specializes in the niche market of personal 3D movie theater glasses, has released what it is calling the “world’s first optically correct 3D glasses.”

“We began with a single goal: to set the standard for optical performance in 3D. No one has ever engineered optically correct 3D glasses,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden in a statement. He called today’s release a “landmark moment in 3D entertainment.”

Oakley tested the glasses in DreamWorks’ 3D lab, and worked closely with content providers to make sure they worked flawlessly.

By “optically correct,” the company merely means that they have been engineered to deliver the most precise technology for human eyes. It does not imply they are prescription strength or are usable for any purpose other than 3D viewing.

In fact, Oakley says specifically these glasses should not be used for any other purpose. They shouldn’t be worn outside as sunglasses or indoors as reading glasses. Because of the 3D lens inside the glasses, they aren’t intended for everyday wear.

Even though they aren’t supposed to be used as sunglasses, they will be initially stocked at Sunglass Hut locations, as well as Oakley retail stores.

Oakley has also designed a similar pair of personal 3D glasses with a small hint of a Tron design. Those ones cost $150.

Previously, Oakley has shown interest in adding 3D functionality to regular prescription glasses, so that one day people who wear glasses anyway will not have to put on anything special to watch a 3D movie in theaters.

3D theater technology and 3D TV technology is completely different, so these Oakley glasses won’t work with a current 3D TV.