Get ready to die harder than ever

Bruce Willis had often said if he was ever going to do another Die Hard, it had to be something really good and different, plus I’m sure the Brinks truck had to pull up to his front door to really make it worth his while.

Live Free Die Hard indeed came out to great reviews and big box office in 2007, $383 million worldwide, proving there was still plenty of life in the franchise, and like the joke goes, only the last sequel loses money, so of course there was going to be another one.

And sure enough, Fox announced there will indeed be a Die Hard 5. The next Die Hard flick is called A Good Day to Die Hard, and Fox already has it slated for Valentine’s Day, 2013. 

I’m sure the storyline, if there is one right now, will be closely guarded, and clearly this will be a big “tentpole” for Fox, which claiming opening it on Valentine’s Day will be counter programming against the usual rom com fare. 

One detail we do know from Deadline is John McClaine’s son is in the film, and Fox is currently casting the role, and the one sentence description on the Internet Movie Database says: “John McClane and his two son [sic] take on local forces in Russia.”


Many have credited the Die Hard films with reinventing the modern action film, and it was a hell of film when it came out in the summer of 1988. Many thought Fox were crazy paying Bruce Willis $5 million to star in the film, it was especially hard for TV stars to crossover to the big screen then, but it paid off big time for all involved. (Die Hard director John McTiernan also did a clever job reinventing the action film again with Predator the previous summer).


It’s doubtful the next Die Hard will reinvent the action game like the first one did in its time, but if it’s as enjoyable and fun as the previous Die Hards, it’s certain to be another big, explosive summer blockbuster, in February that is.