GeoHot still stoked about cracking Sony’s Xperia Play

Yes, the talented PS3 hacker known as GeoHot is currently vacationing in South America. However, contrary to what Sony wants you to believe, Hotz is just simply enjoying spring break.

As TG Daily reported yesterday evening, a very paranoid Sony accused GeoHot of attempting to ditch an ongoing lawsuit by flying off to enjoy some sun.

”It’s true I’m in South America, on a vacation I’ve had planned and paid for since November. I mean, it is spring break; hacking isn’t my life. Rest assured that not a dime of legal defense money would ever go toward something like this,” Hotz clarified in an official blog post.

“Of course, [Sony] loves the idea of painting me as an international fugitive. I have been in contact with my lawyers almost every day; I would not let the case suffer. That said, I also won’t let this ridiculous lawsuit run my life either. Then the fearmongerers win.”

GeoHot also hinted he remained stoked about jailbreaking Sony’s Xperia Play, noting it was “hard to come” by the device in South America.  

Earlier, Hotz had pledged to be the “first person on line” when the Xperia Play launched, as he was “itching” to get his hands on the next GeoHot project.