How to win at slots

Slots are a “viral” casino game (both at best online casinos and in terrestrial casinos). Stunning effects and notable titles offer exciting experiences to the players.

Indeed, the question of how to win at Slots has been questioned by professionals, amateurs and all kinds of players. First of all, we have to mention that there is no advice or strategy that, if you follow it, you will have a guaranteed profit. However, there are some tips that if you follow it, you will increase your chances of winning. Let’s see it one by one.

Bet with MAX Bet at online casinos

First of all, the first advice has to do with how to bet. To get big chances of winning significant amounts, you have to play ALL lines and preferably MAX bet.

Slots generally have a high payout, but if you play with small bets, you will also have low returns. Besides, in some cases, only the max stakes (all lines & maximum bet) can claim the jackpots of the slots.

Slot selection depending on your bankroll

Before you pick a slot machine to play, you’ll first have to learn a little about it. Firstly, check the winning table to know what you are winning and with which symbols. Check how many lines are available and how it works so you can get the most out of the benefits that each machine gives you. Find out if it offers a casino bonus game, free spins and of course the type of jackpot it offers (progressive or predefined).

Another slot option factor is the max bet per spin. Assuming you’ve decided to spend € 100 on a slot machine, then it would be a wrong move to select a max bet machine of 25 € as with 4 draws you may run out of money. However, if you choose a slot with a € 5max bet, then you will be able to make 20 spins with a max bet. Furthermore, you will be more likely to get a free spin.

In your quest for the most suitable slot machine, the article “How to choose the best online slots” and “Different kind of slots” it would be beneficial for you.

Define your goals

It is necessary for you, to set your goals before you start playing at any online casinos. Someone plays just to have fun and wants to spend as many hours as possible. Someone else may want to leave even as a little winner, while another wants to make huge profits or nothing! In each of these cases, a proper strategy should be used.

In the first case, you have to choose a simple slot game with a few lines and predefined jackpots. In these slots, the victories are more frequent, however, with lower profits. But if you chase the big rewards, these slots are NOT for you.

Then, it is better for you to choose slot machines with multiple paylines and progressive jackpots (sometimes the jackpots are over €10 million). The more paylines you activate, the higher your chances of winning, but your stake also increases. Keep in mind that these slots offer more profits at a lesser frequency.

Proper money management

If you are often playing the best online slots casinos and have a standard pot, set how much money you will make available for the slot machine. If you lose this amount, do not add more to chase the lost. Use a small percentage of your available money for each spin and do not bet all in one. Finally, set limits on how much earnings you want to earn for leaving and how many hours you will spend on playing.

If you are an occasional casino player and you do not have a certain amount on the gambling edge, then you must have decided how much money you will spend. In any case, do not play with money that you have to cover your basic needs because there is always the chance of losing it all.

Forget about myths

Talking about the slots, many myths affect the way that many slot lovers play. The most common myths are when it comes to paying a machine based on when it last paid or that the casino affects the results in some way. Read the article “The Greater Slot Myths” to avoid myths that will cost you money and time.

Take Advantage of Sign-Up Bonuses

All online casinos offer a sign-up casino bonus. Take advantage of it by making 100% of the amount you are offered. So if the casino gives a 100% up to €200 sign-up bonus, then deposit at least €200 to get it all. It’s naive to put €50 and get another €50 bonus. Especially, if you need to make a re-deposit within a short time.

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