Plant Nanny² Mobile App is Making Drinking (Water) Fun Again

The advances of technology have led to a faster pace of living where everything is expected with a sense of urgency. People can now instantly communicate with anyone in the world at any given time. The ability to learn anything has expanded through the creation of the internet. Now, people can even save time by having their groceries delivered to their home. This speeding up of time has led a majority of people to generally lose concentration after a mere eight seconds. The sense of urgency and lack of concentration can lead people to inadvertently neglect their health.

Drinking enough water throughout the day is crucial for everyone’s health and well-being. According to ThoughtCo., the average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. More than half of the human body is made up of water yet staying hydrated is not seen as a priority among most people. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43% of adults drink less than four cups of water per day, and eight glasses of water per day is what’s recommended. Additionally, the latest Quench Survey revealed that nearly 80% of working Americans say they don’t drink enough water.

Fourdesire, a creative and innovative mobile design studio, uses the fun of mobile games to generate healthy habits. According to Hackernoon, 81% of American adults own a smartphone and spend about 86 hours per month on their device. Fourdesire acknowledges the significant role mobile phones play in our everyday lives and strives to produce life-changing mobile applications.

Through Fourdesire’s gamification mobile apps, people are encouraged to complete essential everyday tasks without the overwhelming pressure or monotonous approach. Playing a game is always more entertaining than focusing on completing a checklist of boring chores. Fourdesire incorporates the excitement of games into managing your water intake through their newest mobile application, Plant Nanny².

Plant Nanny² is the new and improved version of Fourdesire’s original Plant Nanny mobile app. Plant Nanny² keeps track of how much water users drink and each glass also waters the app’s adorable plant, so both can thrive. The first version of Plant Nanny received a total of 10 million installations worldwide to help users live healthier and hydrated lives. Plant Nanny² encourages users to drink more water by growing various plants in the process. If users drink sufficient water and track their intake, their virtual plant will grow. Lack of water intake will lead the virtual plant to dehydrate and then “die” which will make users have to start over. By taking care of a virtual plant, you’re also taking care of your body, and cultivating healthier habits.

The newest version features customizable ways users can manage their water consumption goals and displays simple charts and interfaces at a glance. Plus, Plant Nanny²’s sleek new design blends the fastest game engine with the latest design elements to deliver a remarkable experience. The new user interface also incorporates interactive and experimental design. The vivid animation helps bring livelier and more entertaining experience for users. Plant Nanny² delivers a unique experience through creative and original artwork designed completely in-house by Fourdesire.

Fourdesire offers various gamification mobile apps to help remind users to build healthy habits to benefit their overall wellness. Fourdesire’s Walkr app is a mobile exergame that requires video game players to engage in real-world physical exercise in order to play. Another useful application is Fourdesire’s Fortune City which helps you track your spending while growing a virtual city. It’s easy to forget to maintain healthy habits when living a fast-paced life but gamification apps can help generate an enjoyable routine.