Gamers send out 8-bit wedding invitation

Invitees to the wedding of a German couple had better be good at games – if not, they won’t make it to the church on time.

Darina Goldin and Niko Losse have sent out a wedding invitation in the form of an 8-bit video game – and if the guests can’t complete it, they don’t get the wedding information.

“We knew that we didn’t want standard paper invites. We wanted something for people to keep and remember. We are geeks. We love video games. Why not have a video game invite?” says the


Players can choose to be either the bride or the groom in the game, which is based on Super Mario Bros. Called Darina and Niko’s Incredible Adventure, it involves saving Darina from an evil monkey.

The nuptials take place in Berlin, in May.

You can try the game out for yourself at Offbeat Bride, here – just don’t all crash the wedding, ok?