Gameloft giving away 25 days of free stuff

Gameloft is feeling extra generous this holiday season. The mobile gaming publisher has found a lot of success since the introduction of the iPhone and Android, and is looking to spread the cheer around with a digital advent calendar of mobile games.

The promotion began yesterday and will run until Christmas, December 25.

The generous offer will include full downloadable games, as well as DLC for existing games, “exclusive sneak peeks,” and “cool goodies.” Other days will just offer discounts for more high-profile games.

Today’s free gift is Driver for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Users should be able to go to the App Store and find the product at no cost, for today only.

No one knows what the rest of the month might bring for mobile game enthusiasts, so the only way to find out is to follow Gameloft’s Twitter account. Sounds like a pretty cool thing, but if we see any lords a-leaping pop up during the promotion, we may just have to walk away.