Full Beatles catalog may be coming to iTunes

Cupertino, CA – Rumor has it that the entire Beatles catalog could be available via iTunes in the next couple of weeks.

The band was known to have had discussions with Apple over a deal, after its Apple Corps label finally settled the trademark dispute with its namesake. But talks were said to have stalled late last year, possibly because of a dispute over how tracks were to be priced.

But sharp-eyed Apple-watchers at The Unofficial Apple Weblog have noticed that Apple seems to be planning an event for September 9 – the same day as the release date for new, digitally-remastered versions of the Beatles’ catalog.

It’s also the launch date for a new Rock Band video game from MTV and Harmonix, which was developed in conjunction with the band and which will feature 19 Beatles songs.

There’s also another possibility, which is that Apple is planning to launch its new Cocktail album format – which includes video and interactive features – on that day, and that the Beatles tracks will feature here.